08/04 Weaver Seeking Tiny House Zoning For Chattanooga

owners of the construction company, Wind River Tiny Homes

owners of the construction company, Wind River Tiny Homes

Jeremy Weaver, one of three owners of the successful Wind River Tiny Homes business, is set to go before the Planning Commission on Monday to make a plea for tiny homes zoning in Chattanooga…

Mr. Weaver says there is currently no minimum house size in Chattanooga as there are in many cities.

But he said many tiny homes are on wheels and that puts them in a different category.

Mr. Weaver, whose firm just completed a $105,000 tiny house that is going outside Boston, Mass., said the proposed zoning ordinance would require that the small houses be of the same character as the neighborhood and of the same quality.

He said more and more people are showing an interest in living in small homes that are of high quality.

His firm, which currently makes two tiny homes at a time, has orders backed up for six months.

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Elaine Walker