08/03 This Couple Builds Gorgeous Tiny Houses out of Sheep Wagons

Sheep wagon tiny house by Idaho Sheep

Sheep wagon tiny house by Idaho Sheep

What can you fit into an 8-by-16-foot covered wagon? It turns out you cram a lot into a tiny space. Kathy and Kim Vader came into the business of tiny house building when they built their own sheep wagon as a guest house.

People started to notice the snug bed, the perfect use of space and the deep American roots of the Vader’s beautiful wagon. Pretty soon they started a business called Idaho Sheep Camp out of their garage in Boise. They build custom sheep wagons for people wanting a simpler life.

It turns out Kim Vader’s new business has deep family ties. Grandparents on both sides of his family were sheep herders. Even earlier generations of his family had moved to Idaho in the early 1900s to begin the tradition.

These sheep wagons aren’t dusty, rustic relics. They include a queen sized bed, a sleeping cubby for the kids, a wood-burning stove, and even a toilet.

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Elaine Walker