08/02 Tiny living in a fish camp

fish camp, Homosassa Springs, FL

fish camp, Homosassa Springs, FL

During the past week I’ve spent time with my family on our annual scalloping trip in Homosassa Springs, Florida. We load up the truck with the boat and snorkeling gear and head to the West coast. The Homosassa river is a beautiful river fueled by the springs that empties out into the Gulf of Mexico….

Things I Like About Tiny House Living:

  • There is absolutely no room for clutter, because there is no extra space, anywhere.
  • It is imperative that things stay clean.
  • It’s much easier to stay organized.
  • I found it easier to keep track of trash, and recycle.
  • It is easier to watch your diet and eat healthy, with a freezer the size of a shoebox.



Elaine Walker