08/02 Meet the Kasl family of four in their tiny house

Kasl family of four in their tiny house

the Kasl family in their tiny house

The Kasls are just like any other family-of-four. Kim and her husband Ryan are high school sweethearts, who live in Minnesota with their two kids, Sully, age 7, and Story, age 5. He works as a Special Education Coordinator, and she home schools. The only difference, is that the Kasl family lives in a tiny house that is just 267 square feet.

I asked Kim to tell me about their home. In an email to BabyCenter she said:

“The main floor has a little entry area with a small closet, a galley kitchen, bathroom, a few small seating areas and desks. Upstairs hosts a loft for myself and Ryan on one side and a kitty-catwalk that connects to the kids’ loft. The Tiny House is built on a flat-bed trailer so it has wheels and can be hitched up to the truck to be taken wherever we would like to live.”

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Elaine Walker