07/31 Camp Verde, Arizona’s new economic director is tiny house friendly!

Sebra Choe, new economic developer for Camp Verde, AZ

Sebra Choe, new economic developer for Camp Verde, AZ

During the past two years, Sebra Choe has worked for Camp Verde Community Library as its programs and outreach coordinator, moving into that position after her initial hire as teen programs manager.

On July 18, Choe took on her new role as economic development specialist, working under Economic Development Director Steve Ayers. There, she will assist Ayers in assisting businesses looking to locate or expand into the Camp Verde.

Q: To steal from your Facebook page: “Creative placemaking, sustainable river recreation, student entrepreneurship, affordable housing, social media marketing, visitor’s center, Tree Advisory Committee, Dark Skies initiative, business alliance, grant projects, event promotion and beautification are a few projects that will keep me busy this year. Chamber mixers, rural policy forums, tiny house research — it’s a whole new era.” Explain your plans and any projects you’re particularly excited about?

A: Tiny Houses and student entrepreneurship are two of my most exciting projects.
Tiny Houses are high-quality homes under 400 square feet with lots of personality, which creatively addresses the lack of affordable housing for various demographics. It’s also an opportunity to build pocket neighborhoods, each with a unique cultural identity, which may center around agriculture or the arts.

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Elaine Walker