07/29 Big move into tiny home: Bellevue couple taking home on the road

The Hill family (Alex, Enjolee and daughterAyla) in their tiny house under construction.

The Hill family (Alex, Enjolee and daughterAyla) in their tiny house under construction.

The Hill family is downsizing in a big way.

Alex and Enjolee Hill, along with 3-month-old daughter Ayla, are ditching their Bellevue home in favor of a tiny house — one no bigger than a standard trailer.

The couple has always been intrigued by the idea of a small home, long before television shows helped to make the lifestyle trendy.

“We’ve been looking at tiny houses for five or six years,” Alex said. “It just became our plan.”

Enjolee — a Crescent, Iowa, native — has prior experience living in a small space. She spent about a year living in a 10-foot by 10-foot tree house loft.

“I have always loved the tiny houses,” she said. “I tend to love the nook spaces. With a tiny home, there’s little to maintain so you can enjoy life more.”

Once they find a buyer for their home on Lorraine Avenue, the Hills plan to pack up the tiny house and relocate to Washington, where Alex hails from.

They don’t plan on being limited to the 160-square-foot home for long.

“This is kind of like the seed of a house,” Alex said. “We’ll build off of it. We like the idea of starting small and adding more space as we need it.”

The construction process started just less than a year ago. They purchased a trailer and walls went up quickly.

Winter left a layer of ice on the trailer floor and slowed construction.

The tiny home still needs wiring, insulation and siding, but once the exterior is complete, it can be moved.

“On any construction project, it takes about three times as long as you think,” Alex said.

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