07/27 Changing the way society heals at LightWorks, a chance for a brighter future

LightWorks tiny house

LightWorks tiny house

“We are trying to address the concept of solving community issues,” said LightWorks founder Frank Genetti. “Part of the social concept of LightWorks is sustainability.”

LightWorks is a for-profit vocational training project of Shepherd’s Table Inc., a nonprofit, faith-based organization [in Idaho]. It provides full-time work and on-the-job training for people who have graduated from HARC (Helping the At-Risk Community), a faith-based program that focuses on building character. And it isn’t just for felons or people who have had trouble with the law. It’s also for people with disabilities and those who have struggled with poverty. It’s about breaking these cycles that prevent people from reaching their full potentials…

At least five HARC graduates now have full-time jobs building the tiny houses, which sell for about $35,000…

“It’s about the people,” Genetti said. “It’s about their success and them turning their lives around. We want to give a hand up, not a handout.”



Elaine Walker