07/27 Canada’s first tiny house festival debuts as part of planned tiny housing development

Tiny House Festival in Canada

Tiny House Festival in Canada

Tiny homes are becoming a big thing, but one barrier to widespread adoption has been finding land to legally site it on. That may be changing here in Canada, though: we visited Canada’s first official tiny house festival over the weekend, along with hundreds of curious people who descended upon Lantier, a small municipality an hour and a half north of Montreal, Quebec, which recently approved a sustainable housing development for small homes under 1000 square feet in size, without basements.

The sustainable housing development project, dubbed Les Hameaux de la Source (Hamlets of the Source) is being spearheaded by Habitat Multi-Generations (HMG), a social enterprise. The proposal involves smaller homes, which can be prefabricated or self-built, arranged in groups of six 15,000-square-foot lots centered around a communal area, that would be used for shared purposes like community activities or food production/permaculture projects.

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Elaine Walker