07/25 Tiny Living in a Giant World: tiny home build for Heather Wade a year later

Heather Wade's tiny house

Heather Wade’s tiny house

While I have been living tiny over the past year—house sitting, living in a broken down RV, staying in cheap motels, and crashing at the office—I have realized there is a great deal to consider to fully embrace the Tiny Living Lifestyle. With my decision to embark on this downtown journey, I have started to do more research and planning. I have discovered the options are as vast as the imagination. Things to consider about a tiny domicile include size, style, type, location, implementation of solar energy, composting, necessities, storage, and the list continues. With others already living the lifestyle, I believe they can offer a wealth of experience in my preparation. Through my search, I found Heather Wade.

Heather Wade was part of a project taken on by the Department of Integrated Engineering at Southern Utah University (SUU) during the 2013-2014 school year, with Erin Elder and Ryan Bingham taking on the project for their senior project. I had the opportunity to interview Heather.

George Scott (GS): How did you get involved with SUU on the build?

Heather Wade (HW): It’s a cute story, actually. I happened to be sitting in a coffee shop looking at tiny house plans and going through one of [author and tiny house designer] Jay Shafer’s books when an old friend of mine, whom I had lost touch with for a couple of years, sat down, and we started catching up. She told me that she was going to school and getting her engineering degree. I told her [about] my tiny house idea that I wanted to do and she seemed pretty curious about it. Later, that same night, she called me up and asked me if my tiny house idea was something she could take on as her capstone project. Of course, I said yes!



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