07/23 Journey to Alaska and a More Liberating Life in a Tiny House

Katie and Jim Maloney 's tiny house in progress

Katie and Jim Maloney ‘s tiny house in progress

Buying a home can be expensive, causing stress and financial hardships. One couple decided to build a tiny home in Central Bakersfield, put it on wheels and move to Alaska.

According to local appraiser Gary Crabtree’s latest preliminary real estate report, the median home sale price was $238,000 in June 2016. After property taxes, insurance and other expenses, pay checks can quickly slip away.

Katie and Jim Maloney are building a home after mounting bills placed a financial hardship on them.

“We are scraping really hard to get by and pay our rent and we have to work really hard just to enjoy our weekends,” he said.

The couple typically travels most weekends. They enjoy camping at various sites around California, but each time they come home, they are faced with mounting bills.

“I want to be more free than that. I want to live a life that is a little more liberating than that,” said Jim.

After much thought, they are no longer renting and excited for their new journey.

“We’re just excited to find a new life. I’m excited to start some place new with simpler values. Some place where I am not going to have to strive every single day to keep a roof over my head,” said Jim.

The couple plans on finishing the house within the next week and will depart to Alaska August 2.

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