07/22 What it’s really like to live in a tiny house

inside Alek Lisefski's tiny house

inside Alek Lisefski’s tiny house

Q: Did you have any doubts or hesitations about living in a tiny house, before you moved in? Do you love living there?

AL: I knew that some of the happiest times in my life had been while camping, so psychologically, I was happy to live more simply. But certainly, the whole process was crazy. I wondered, ‘wow, what am I doing? Is this really going to make me happy?’ … But I’m happier living in a tiny house than I was in the other places that I’ve lived in the past.

VL: My house was also tailored to me, so I knew that whatever I designed and built, I would have to be happy with. The thought of designing something that was so super small was scary, definitely. Now it’s my forever home.

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