07/22 Enter to win a free tiny house from Safety 1st

Safety 1st contest posterThe Tiny House movement is sweeping the nation! At Safety 1st we’re here to help you keep your family safe, in any size home. We’re very happy to give you and your family the chance to win a tiny house of your own outfitted with the very best safety products we offer.

For over 30 years, Safety 1st has consistently delivered innovative products to keep your family safe while at home or traveling. From stairway gates to car seats, our product engineers have given parents the power to keep generation after generation of kids safer. Innovation comes naturally to Safety 1st and we absolutely love the creative design of these tiny houses and marvel at the sense of freedom the mobile versions offer to families. A tiny home is also a great place for our new Outsmart™ line of locks and latches – the smartest way to protect your kids from dangers in the home while giving you the peace of mind you need to allow them to discover the world around them.

We invite you to enter our year-long sweepstakes with a new chance to enter every day. Posting a Product Review will also give you an extra entry and help us to continue creating the best baby gear on the market today.

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Elaine Walker