07/21 280 sq ft tiny house off grid with waterfall in Pennsylvania

Adam and Karen Freedgood's 280 sq ft tiny house

Adam and Karen Freedgood’s 280 sq ft tiny house

“We realized for a house this size it can be completely off the grid. We can have a well pump and septic system, full lighting, and all the conveniences of home,” said Adam Freedgood.

Solar panels help power the whole house and the batteries store enough energy for three to four days.

The couple has been working at this for the past two years since starting construction during what would have been their honeymoon. They’ve documented each step online and were even on a cable show about tiny houses.

“We had a space heater, no kitchen, no bathroom, nothing. So having all this is nice,” said Karen Freedgood.

Adam and Karen’s tiny house near Equinunk is 280 square feet, but it has a stairway designed to save space so that it doesn’t feel too cramped.

“Adam sometimes snores, and you can’t get away from it in a tiny house with a loft,” Karen said.

Snoring aside, the tiny home is a large financial benefit to young couples including the Freedgoods.

“This is a model where young people can live affordably and own something outright and be creative,” added Adam.

Read more and watch the video (waterfall at 1:45 minutes) – http://wnep.com/2016/07/21/couple-builds-tiny-house-in-wayne-county/


Elaine Walker