07/20 Big ideas in a tiny Adelaide, Australia house

John Baxter's tiny house during an early stage of the build. Photo by Nat Rogers

John Baxter’s tiny house during an early stage of the build. Photo by Nat Rogers

There are plenty of big reasons to live in a small house. It’s cheap and affordable, the lifestyle is simple and it’s environmentally friendly – all of which explains why the “tiny house” phenomenon is spreading across the world.

Adelaide resident John Baxter has long been fascinated by this downsized living idea and decided to make his dream a reality by building his own tiny house.

The 30-year-old, who used to have a nine-to-five professional role with the government but has more recently been working on community projects, events and construction, says he began the build with his mates. Along the way it has evolved into a community undertaking, with around 20 people helping out at various times.

“I guess I got hooked by the need to do something about housing, the need for more sustainable housing, and particularly the need for more affordable housing,” Baxter tells InDaily.

“It’s about how inequality feeds into the inequitable access of housing, and how so many don’t have access to housing that meets their needs.”

The single room transportable house he is building is 2.4m wide, 6m long and 3m high, with a single room like a studio apartment – loft bed at one end, bathroom at the other.

It has been under construction since April – initially in the backyard of the Unitarian Church of SA in Norwood and now at a friend’s house – and is expected to be finished by the end of August.

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Elaine Walker