07/19 Mother of three builds tiny cabin, offgrid weekend retreat

Mother of three builds tiny lake cabin

Mother of three builds tiny lake cabin

On the shore of a Clark County lake, Lewis built a getaway that measures 12 feet across and 16 feet deep — 192 square feet in all.

For Lewis, the cozy cottage serves as more than a weekend retreat. It’s part therapy, part emancipation and part bonding opportunity for Lewis and her three young children.

“Doing this was a gift to myself,” Lewis said while sitting on the cottage’s back porch recently. “It was a symbol of a new beginning.”

When her marriage ended in 2012, a few weeks before her third child was born, Lewis found herself at a crossroads.

“Change was forced upon me,” said Lewis, now 32. “When you hit a rock-bottom experience, you have a choice of staying down or building up.”

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Elaine Walker