07/17 Tiny House Experiment Cleveland

Tiny House Experiment Cleveland

Tiny House Experiment Cleveland

The Tiny House movement is coming to Cleveland’s EcoVillage in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. On May 28th on the Northwest corner of W. 58th and Pear Avenue, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, Citizens Bank and Ward 15 Councilman Matt Zone announced plans to build a tiny 557 square foot house on the corner lot.

Councilman Zone noted the EcoVillage, started in 1998 to showcase green building and sustainability, is a fitting place to build tiny houses. He said the EcoVillage, the neighborhood within a half mile radius of the W. 65th Regional Transit Authority Rapid Station, was created to offer a model on how the built environment can help improve the lives of residents while reducing sprawl and helping the planet.

Read more at https://plainpress.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/tiny-house-planned-for-vacant-lot-in-ecovillage-neighborhood/

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