07/17 Tiny house community for Myrtle Beach?

Plans for a Myrtle beach tiny house community

Plans for a Myrtle beach tiny house community

The owner of two lots on Yaupon Drive, just two blocks from the beach, wants to develop a small tiny house community.

His plans call for 11 houses, and each one would be a mere 312 square feet. They would include a porch and an upstairs loft where a full size bed would fit…

The developer is asking the city to rezone the property so that he can sell each tiny home along with the tiny of parcel of land it sits on…

“From a regulatory point of view, the city doesn’t say how big your house can be,” explains Kelly Mezzapelle, a planner for the City of Myrtle Beach. “If you want a tiny house, you can have a tiny house. What we regulate is the size of the lots.”

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Elaine Walker