07/14 Young and old join forces to build small, affordable homes

Tiny house in Maine

Tiny house in Maine

Christina Holloway built and lived in tiny homes long before it was fashionable. Today she and David Trombley and Ida McGee, also of Steuben, are offering tiny homes as an affordable housing option under the name DC Living Design.

Pictured above is a 12×12 tiny house from reclaimed materials, on a slab on its own land, for $60,000 in Birch Harbor, ME.

DC Living Design buys the shells of the structures from a carpenter…The company also is willing to offer some financing as well as help with finding a piece of property at a reasonable cost…“If we all work together, we can help each other out,” Holloway said.

Read more and see the video tour: http://www.ellsworthamerican.com/living/young-and-old-join-forces-to-build-small-affordable-homes


Elaine Walker