07/12 Family of Three Shares Their Story of Living in a Tiny Off-Grid Cabin

Tom and Sarah Nicholson with their baby

“I have a suspicion that this is actually the blueprint, and there is something, when people get to it, everybody would want to live this way, but it might be a really long journey for some folks to get to that knowing.” – Tom Nicholson

This is the story of Tom and Sarah. Tom is a medical practitioner and Sarah a professional illustrator and designer. These two amazing people share their journey with us all. Leaving behind a relatively conventional lifestyle and comfortable three bedroom house, with the imminent arrival of a new baby, they moved into a tiny house, just 20 square metres.

The couple show what can be done when one makes a conscious decision to change the way they live and seek a more sustainable, holistic, and natural way of living. Instead of paying rent to the owners, they work on the farm in exchange for rent.

As a society we have become indoctrinated into lives of consumption, excesses, and hedonism. Tom and Sarah explore how we don’t need a lot of stuff to live fulfilled, happy, and meaningful lives. For most of us, our lives are filled with meaningless accessories, added layers of complexity and layers of confusion.

These illusory trappings lure us into a false sense of security and distract us from more meaningful pursuits. Hence, happiness eludes most of us. Connection to the land and natural environment has been replaced by freeways, artificial cities, and concrete landscapes that bring little solace and opportunity for reflection.

The couple live on someone else’s land and have no ownership in the property. While some would see this as somewhat risky, Tom and Sarah are completely at ease with the situation. They see this as an opportunity, a chance to trust and let go of conventional norms. In a world of constant diversion and distraction, the couple find living a life in relationship with the land and embedded within community to be at the very heart of what makes this experience authentic and rewarding.

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