07/11 Pair of engineers design pet-friendly off-grid tiny house

Tina and Luke Orlando's Basecamp tiny house

Tina and Luke Orlando’s Basecamp tiny house

Despite having no prior experience, engineers Tina and Luke Orlando decided to jump right in and design their own tiny house from scratch. Their unconventional but very thorough approach resulted in a tiny house on wheels that’s jam-packed with storage space, pet-friendly features, and sustainable technology to allow it to operate off-grid. Now it’s complete, the pair are selling plans of the home for those interested in building their own.

The Basecamp tiny house is located on a rural spot near Beaverton, Oregon, sits on a three-axle trailer, and has a total floorspace of 204 sq ft (19 sq m). It’s clad in attractive tongue-and-groove cedar and topped by a large rooftop deck.

The Orlandos began by identifying three primary concerns for their tiny home: storage space, off-grid functionality, and pet-friendly design (the couple fosters dogs in addition to their own three).

The design process took 18 months, during which they drew on their experience in civil and mechanical engineering to mock-up plans and 3D models, tackling issues like size constraints, zoning restrictions, and plumbing along the way. They eventually hired tiny house firm Daystar Tiny Homes to actually build it.

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Elaine Walker