07/11 Central Auckland suburbs eyed up for tiny home

Camilla Rombout's tiny house

Camilla Rombout’s tiny house looking to relocate

Wanting to live a simplified lifestyle has led to one Aucklander coming up with a novel way to combat the city’s housing crisis – get a smaller house.

At the age of 30 Camilla Rombouts has just become a first-home-owner. Her house has one major difference to a conventional property though – it’s on wheels.

“It is essentially a seven-meter by two-and-a half-metre little wooden hut on wheels,” she says.

Rombouts has been building the tiny house in Piha, but is now looking to relocate it closer to her work in Mt Eden.

“The whole idea has been motivated by wanting to live a simplified lifestyle. A smaller place is also easier to maintain and it doesn’t come with the massive mortgage.

“I am also environmentally aware and like the idea of living off the grid.”

Rombouts says she bought the plans for the house from another tiny house enthusiast last year.

The plans were then modified to personalise the space for Rombouts needs.

“In a small space is is really just working out what your needs are and then building it so it fits the space appropriately.

“I surf and snowboard so I have built in a storage at the end of the house that is accessible from outside.”

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Elaine Walker