07/08 Towable Riverside tiny house packs every conventional amenity into 246 square feet

Riverside from New Frontier Tiny Homes

Riverside from New Frontier Tiny Homes

A team of designers and DIY experts based in Tennessee drew inspiration from Scandinavian architecture to design and build New Frontier Tiny Homes. The recently-completed 246-square-foot Riverside tiny house is not only towable, but offers all of the amenities of a larger, conventional house.

The small building includes a living room, dining space, sleeping and storage areas, a small porch, and an external storage box. The kitchen features a stainless steel sink, custom cabinets, a two-burner movable cooktop, a small freezer and fridge. The bathroom features a composting toilet and a stainless steel shower cubicle.

One would think this tiny home couldn’t fit more functions, but thanks to a smart, space-efficient design strategy, the designers managed to incorporate a sleeping loft with a double bed, accessible via a ladder. Water is heated by a tankless propane hot water heater, LED lighting is used throughout, while the indoor temperatures are controlled by a Mini Split HVAC. The house, complete with cutlery, furniture and all the appliances is on sale for $79,000.

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Elaine Walker