07/05 Tiny house movement grows through the cracks in city rules

Marie & Alan Boucher's tiny house in Charlotte, NC

Marie & Alan Boucher’s tiny house in Charlotte, NC

Alan Boucher is 34 and wants to be financially independent by age 40. The nearly built tiny house in his side yard would help him do that. Trailer and all, it’ll cost about $27,000 once finished…

The main issue: The house is on wheels. That means it doesn’t neatly fit into Charlotte’s zoning categories.

“I don’t know how we would treat them,” said city Zoning Administrator Shad Spencer about tiny houses. “At this time, we don’t know how they are classified. If they are classified as a mobile home, they would need to be in one of the mobile home zoning districts. If they are classified as an RV, they would not be allowed as a dwelling unit on a parcel.”



Elaine Walker