07/05 Greenfield, MA developers look to create a community of tiny homes

tiny house on wheelsThere’s a “small” trend that’s gaining big ground in the housing market, tiny homes. They’re less than 400 square feet, they save owners money, and are often eco-friendly. Now, they could be making their way to Greenfield.

According to MJ Adams of Greenfield Community Development, “It’s a really unique opportunity, because you can talk about these ideas until you’re blue in the face, or you can have a real say and then you can move it into implementation.”

It would all be built at 100 Deerfield Street. This is all less than 1 acre of land, and if the city approves of an accessory unit ordinance, then this can become the community of 7 tiny homes.

Greenfield Community Development explained to residents Tuesday night this tiny homes center will only happen if people are interested, and if certain codes are met. The state requires tiny homes to be permanent. They also need to have electricity, drinkable water, and a sewage system.

Building inspector Louis Hasbrouck told 22News, “There’s not a minimum square footage in the Massachusetts code, but there are criteria that make the smallest manageable house somewhere around 250 square feet.”

Watch the video and read more – http://wwlp.com/2016/07/05/greenfield-developers-look-to-create-a-community-of-tiny-homes/


Elaine Walker