07/04 Live Off-Grid and Travel in this Beautiful Tiny Home Caravan

Wohnwagon from Austria

Wohnwagon from Austria

If it was always your dream to live in a tiny home, a travelling caravan, or an off-grid home, then the Wohnwagon (translated as Living Wagon), is definitely for you! Manufactured in Austria, this mobile home is eco-friendly, energy efficient, and can fit within the footprint of a parking spot.

The solar powered wagon is built with locally sourced, natural and recycled materials, has a green roof and solar panels and the best part is, it can be towed practically anywhere.

The tiny house movement is rapidly growing alongside the minimalist movement. People across the globe are realizing that having lots of space for more and more stuff just isn’t important to them anymore, nor is it giving them a sense of fulfillment in their lives.

The rounded frame of the tiny unit is made from beautiful, natural larch, which helps it blend right into its surroundings. It is insulated with sheep wool, which was a resource that was available locally. The green roof assists in insulating the home during the winter and helps keep it cool during the summer. There are large triple glazed windows, assisting with insulation and sound reduction and they bring in ample amounts of light, while making the space appear larger. The solar photovolatic rooftop panels generate renewable energy that is stored in batteries located in the false bottom of the caravan. This beauty even comes with a retractable patio and awning to literally turn the great outdoors into your own personal living room! The minimalist décor of the interior creates the feeling of even more room with its light cream-coloured tones.

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Elaine Walker