07/02 Beautiful Island Tiny Homes

tiny Hawaiian house

With its year-round summer climate, Maui is a perfect location for tiny houses. And the scenic panorama fits right outside your door.

The Kula home that Kalani Iselin and Kailea Frederick share has features you’d expect to find in a custom-built house: hardwood flooring, open-beam ceiling, granite countertop, and a stone-tiled bathroom. But with a footprint of 160 square feet, plus an 80-square-foot sleeping loft, it’s the same size as the average single-car garage. And it’s entirely off the grid. “We have solar electricity, our stove is powered by propane, and we get our water from a garden hose,” Kalani says.

Kalani built the home himself, with help from business partner Adam Anderson. Their company, Island Tiny Homes, has a second house under construction, and a third on order. Kalani hatched the idea at a family gathering. “Adam is my half-sister’s half-sister’s fiancé,” Kalani says with a grin, “and he has a building background like I do.”

Having never been inside a tiny house, I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Kalani and Kailea. Outside, the trailer-mounted home looks like a charming dollhouse on steroids. Indoors, it’s surprisingly spacious, and doesn’t feel at all claustrophobic, even with three of us inside. “We have friends over all the time,” says Kailea. “We just have to be creative about where everyone sits. We’ve entertained as many as six people at once.”

Neither of them is a stranger to tiny living. Kalani attended a social-entrepreneurship program in Sweden. “This house is way bigger than that dorm room,” he says. Kailea grew up off the grid in Huelo. “My family’s home had an outhouse,” she says. “This is really luxurious compared to where I was raised.”

She notes that living in a tiny house requires a change in mindset and lifestyle. “I don’t think everyone can do it, but I think anyone can and should ask themselves how much stuff they actually need to go through life and still be satisfied,” she says.

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Elaine Walker