06/28 Snapchat stars will cover the Republican National Convention from a tiny house

logo for Citizen's Bank Tiny House ExperimentComing to Cleveland in July: four of the biggest stars on Snapchat to live for four days in a brand new tiny house on the city’s West Side and cover the Republican National Convention with cleveland.com.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, we will partner with the Snapchat celebrities to take over our Snapchat account (our username is clevelanddotcom) and provide unique perspectives as the Republicans formally choose their nominee for president….

The tiny house where three of the Snapchatters will stay during convention week was built by the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization and is part of the Citizens Bank Tiny House Experiment. It is one of two new tiny houses at West 58th Street and Pear Avenue. Each of the houses has 583 square feet of living space, with three bedrooms (one in a loft), a bathroom, a kitchen and a living area.

The tiny house movement is for people interested in downsizing to reasonable living spaces, the opposite of the mcmansion movement in the suburbs. The two new tiny houses are in the neighborhood’s Eco Village, which is aimed at people who want to live in a transit-oriented community with sustainable construction practices. The tiny houses are near the RTA train station at West 65th Street and Lorain Avenue.

The small size of the houses and the use of sustainable construction materials should keep monthly energy bills low. One of the tiny houses is being offered for sale immediately.

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Elaine Walker