06/28 Live Tiny Save Big

Live Tiny Save Big

Live Tiny Save Big

By the time Michelle Jackson hit 34, she was ready to buy her first home but didn’t want to spend a fortune. So she purchased a garden-level 495-square-foot (46-square-metre) one-bedroom apartment in Colorado in the US. Her friends gave her a hard time over her choice.

“I was teased a lot because I bought so conservatively,” said Jackson, now 42. “Some of my friends didn’t understand why I wanted such a small place. There was some peer pressure that I didn’t expect.”

But, a smaller home — and the smaller bills that come with it — gave Jackson a lot of freedom. “Because my home is so inexpensive, I felt comfortable leaving my job of 10 years and now am working for myself,” Jackson said. “I feel thankful every day when I think about the life that I have because of this choice.”

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