06/25 Living Small A Big Dream For Ulster, NY Woman

Rowan Kunz's 192 sq ft tiny house

Rowan Kunz’s 192 sq ft tiny house

Rowan Kunz said the happiest time of her life was when she was in Kenya years ago, working on a paleontology dig and living under a tent.

“What was important was not necessarily the bed I slept on but the experiences I was having,” Kunz said. “I wanted to focus on that again.”

She determined five years ago to recreate that in a practical way by changing her living quarters.

Kunz, an art teacher at Ellenville High School, spent long nights researching the so-called tiny house movement and sketching what would become her 192-square-foot house.

Part of her homework required consulting with the experts at Slutsky Lumber in Ellenville to figure out what materials she would need and how she could customize her space.

The result is something that resembles a mini cottage that might fit in a New England beach community. The self-sustaining brown house with white trim is built on a 24-foot trailer, so Kunz can easily move it should the wanderlust bug strike.

For now, she is content to live on her parents’ property just outside High Falls, and she’s managed to make the most of her tiny house, which was inspired by a chicken coop she had seen in her travels.

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Elaine Walker