06/18 It’s a small – very small – world

Deirdre Brackett inside her tiny house under construction

Deirdre Brackett of Sanford, Maine, is eagerly watching the progress being made on her 196-square-foot tiny house. Brackett, a first grade teacher at Lafayette School, contracted with Sanford Regional Technical Center to build the tiny house. Photo by Tammy Wells, Journal Tribune

Think about the fact that the average hotel room in the United States measures 325 square feet, according to Loyalty Traveler.

Now think about living in just slightly more than half that space – in a 196- square-foot tiny house.

Deirdre Brackett, a first-grade teacher at Lafayette School, will be doing so full-time when she decides to retire from teaching. For now, she’ll be living in her tiny house on weekends, holidays and during vacations as a precursor to when she’ll be there year round.

Built over the last year by students in the building trades program at Sanford Regional Technical Center, the tiny house is nearly complete.

Brackett said she’d been thinking about a tiny house for some years. Once she found the plans she wanted, she contracted with the school to build it.

“I love tiny houses, and I’ve always wanted to do something small,” said Brackett on a tiny tour of her tiny home outside SRTC Tuesday, where students Teddy Vradenburg and Tony Parent were busy working to get the project wrapped up.

The home is destined to be located in Newmarket, New Hampshire, where Brackett owns land. She consulted with local building inspectors for rules and regulations, and was told she needed to hook up to town water and sewage systems. The home will be located on a slab, then on a block foundation.

Inside, the little house is full of light­­– not only are there windows in the main living area, but in the loft as well. The walls and ceiling are covered in pine shiplap, and the hardwood floor gleams.

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Elaine Walker