06/10 Triad family’s tiny house has trouble fitting in

Joe and April Marzullo in front of their tiny house

Joe and April Marzullo in front of their tiny house

When Joe and April Marzullo moved their 340-square-foot house on wheels from Minnesota to the Triad, they weren’t expecting to have to move again. That was before a zoning investigation found their so-called “tiny house” violates Guilford County’s development ordinance.

Now, they will have to find a new place to park it by July 1 or be fined.

The Marzullos’ house is part of a nationwide trend that has seen a growing number of people building homes of between 100 and 400 square feet, often on wheels, in order to economize and simplify their lifestyles. (An average U.S. home is 2,679 square feet, per the Census Bureau.)

The problem is, as the Marzullos found out the hard way, local zoning regulations are often incompatible with the tiny house movement.

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Elaine Walker