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06/09 Gorgeous Tiny House Rentals Launch Just Outside of New York City

Inside the Lorraine tiny house in Boston—the updated version in NY is Eleanor. Photo bythebearwalk.com
Inside the Lorraine tiny house in Boston—the updated version in NY is Eleanor. Photo bythebearwalk.com
Getaway, the startup that lets you rent out gorgeous tiny houses in the woods, launched in 2015 with three models on rural lots outside of Boston. In the year since, hundreds of people have booked these roughly 160-square-foot modern cabins—many for a brief escape from hectic urban life, and some for an easy taste of the tiny house lifestyle.

This month, Getaway is headed to New York—heaven knows stressed out New Yorkers can use it. Back in April, Getaway began preparing for a June launch of three additional tiny houses in the woods outside of New York City (the specific location is withheld until you make a reservation.)

These three tiny houses—Maisie, Eleanor, Isidore—are all planted on rural land leased by Getaway and are updated versions of the three houses near Boston, tweaked by Harvard Graduate School of Design student Emily Margulies based on guest feedback. One notable change is in the Isidore, which adds a wide ramp entrance for easy accessibility. The New York houses are now ready for reservations and the first guests will arrive next week.

As with the Boston rentals, the New York houses start at $99 a night for two guests on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and goes up to $129 a night for Fridays and Saturdays. There’s a fee of $10 for each additional guest up to four total, and a $15 fee for a pet.

For an idea of what to expect inside the tiny homes, check out these photos of the Boston houses, along with some Instagram shots from previous guests.

For folks who want to try out tiny living but aren’t anywhere near Boston or New York, here are some other great options. But Getaway’s expansion isn’t done yet. The company is already working on planting additional tiny houses near other large cities, as well as developing a tiny house village in an urban area.

Read more – http://www.curbed.com/2016/6/9/11894468/tiny-houses-for-rent-getaway-new-york

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