06/08 Tiny house duplexes coming to Pine Island, FL

JoAnn and Vince Botta’s tiny house  duplex on Thomas Street

JoAnn and Vince Botta’s tiny house duplex on Thomas Street

When JoAnn Botta decided to build a house in 2013 she was thinking small. “I had 400 square feet in mind and even when the architect gently suggested something slightly bigger, I rejected the idea,” Botta said. “I calculated what I needed and no more.”

After building her first tiny house, Botta expanded her ideas to duplex rental units.

“I think they’re ideal for a single person or even a couple,” Botta said.

Botta was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey.

“My parents had hoped I would attend Cooper Union but I attended Pratt studying and getting my degree in advertising and design. That’s when I met and married my husband Vince. That’s how I discovered Florida when we came to Miami Beach for the first time in 1966.”

After two more trips to Florida, Botta decided this would be a great place to stay.

“When I came back in 2009 the market was depressed and I had a small inheritance so I purchased real estate in the Cape,” Botta said. “A friend suggested Pine Island and I bought some land here.

“I’ve been studying small houses for a long time,” Botta said. “There was a book called the ‘Not So Big House’ in the 1990s and that gave me the idea to build my first small house on Pine Island. I think there’s a market for them and this gives me something to do. I’d like to leave a few of these sweet little houses on Pine Island.

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Elaine Walker