06/02 Hobbit Hole near Chelan, WA a hit on Airbnb

The view of the front of the Hobbit Hole vacation-rental house near Chelan, WA.

The view of the front of the Hobbit Hole vacation-rental house near Chelan, WA. Photo courtesy of Kristie Wolfe.

Hobbits enjoy food, simple comforts, and their peaceful home settings.

And now Lord of the Rings fans can too, with a vacation getaway in a cozy burrow under a hill near Chelan, Washington, developed by a tiny-house entrepreneur from Boise.

Kristie Wolfe opened her first Hobbit Hole vacation rental through Airbnb this spring, with two more planned in a 5-acre village along an Eastern Washington hillside that could be from The Shire of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Wrote one recent visitor, “Definitely a recommendation to any weary wanderers wanting to get away from it all and rest their hairy feet.”

It’s 288 square feet of rustic comfort overlooking the Columbia River, including woodworking tools so the occupants can do a bit of whittling, a stone fireplace, a pastry and coffee bar, tub for two and off-the-grid solar power and running water. When visitors book their stay, they receive a Tolkien-style map with directions, like something right out of Middle-earth.

“The majority of your neighbors will be deer, rabbits, birds and grouse,” Wolfe writes on her Airbnb listing. “It’s 2 miles up the mountain, and although there are houses it gets more remote the closer you get to the hobbit hole.”

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Elaine Walker