05/27 Family with tiny house on wheels looking for Christchurch home

Jess Ellis and Nic Fairbrother and their tiny home

Jess Ellis and Nic Fairbrother outside “Squirrel” – the name of their tiny home.

Jess Ellis knows living in a tiny house on wheels with two young children will have its challenges.

“But you have to sacrifice things for your long-term goals.”

That’s what she hopes to teach her daughters.

Ellis and partner Nic Fairbrother have built a little wooden home for less than $25,000 and now need somewhere to park it in Christchurch…

Both Ellis and Fairbrother have strong ethical values and want to live sustainably.

They built their home from mostly second-hand materials, they’ll use a composting toilet and hope to install solar panels at a later date.

“Nic has been a hunter gatherer for a number of years . . . we got windows and doors off Trade Me,” she said.

Base materials were sourced from a demolition job Fairbrother helped with in Christchurch, she said.

The couple loved watching Grand Designs and had thought of every detail when designing their mini home.

Squirrel’s exterior is completed and work on the interior is now under way.

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Elaine Walker