05/25 Retired physician, 81 years old, enjoys his new tiny house on Pine Island, FL

Dr. Zal Kutar in the doorway of his 'tiny house' on Harbor Drive on Pine Island.

Dr. Zal Kutar in the doorway of his ‘tiny house’ on Harbor Drive on Pine Island.

When Dr. Zal Kutar decided to build a house on Pine Island, he didn’t want a McMansion. Instead he built a 400-square-foot “tiny house” on Harbor Drive.

“It’s all I need,” Zal said. (Dr. Kutar prefers to be called Zal). “I purchased this lot in 2014, it’s about a 1/3-acre lot, and I planned to build a small house out of bamboo. But the building restrictions wouldn’t permit bamboo, so it’s made of concrete block and I have enough land for a small garden….

“According to the building code, the house has to be 2 feet above the road,” Zal said. “Twenty truckloads of dirt were brought in before the slab was laid.”

The house is concrete block with a steel roof. It has two doors and three windows that can sustain hurricane force winds and meet the building code requirements. Although the building code requires that the home has heat, the code doesn’t require air conditioning which works for Zal. He specifically requested NO air conditioning.

“I bought land here because it’s warm,” Zal said. “I wanted to grow mango trees so I came to the mango capital of the world. I didn’t want a big house because at 81 years old, I can’t manage a big house. I wanted a house that you only need to mop the floor.

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Elaine Walker