05/20 What It’s Really Like to Live in a Tiny House

Kerri and Dale Fiveboat-Campbell in front of their tiny house. Photo by Kevin Peiper.

Kerri and Dale Fiveboat-Campbell in front of their tiny house. Photo by Kevin Peiper.

Since 2007, Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell and her husband Dale have been living in a 480-square-foot home on a wooded lakefront property in Arkansas. In her new book, Living Large in Our Little House (Reader’s Digest Books/Simon & Schuster), which comes out in June, Fivecoat-Campbell shares her experience of tiny house living. Part memoir and part family history, the book features practical advice on living tiny, the trials and tribulations of downsizing, housing trends and statistics, and stories of others who have chosen tiny house living.

Think the tiny house lifestyle could be for you? Find out what Fivecoat-Campbell has to say about living full-time in a small space with her husband, six dogs, and one TV remote.

CL: What’s it really like to live in a tiny house full-time?

KF-C: Aside from not having room for some things that I’d really like, I think it’s great. I have never been a person who likes to clean. My husband and I, we like to be out on the water and outside doing stuff, and so a tiny house is really, really good for people like that because it takes me less than two hours to clean, top to bottom. And we really don’t have a whole lot of maintenance on the house.

CL: How is living in a tiny house different from apartment living?

KF-C: Well, personally, I’ve only lived in an apartment during the time before I got married, and I really hated it. I think living in a tiny house is different than an apartment in the same way as owning or living in a single-family home: you don’t have people on top of you, or right next door to you, or below you.

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Elaine Walker