05/17 Tiny gem: Newlyweds enjoy small house craze

Patrick Howard and Lauren Kennedy and their 115 pound dog

Patrick Howard and Lauren Kennedy and their 115 pound dog

Looking for something more out of life, a pair of newlyweds from Kansas City decided to hit the road with less.

Much less.

Trading in electrical engineering jobs, a three-bedroom home and two cars for a 140-square-foot Tiny Home home on wheels, Patrick Howard and Lauren Kennedy decided to set out on a six-month adventure of a lifetime.

Married in September of 2015, the young couple put their home on the market and immediately began preparing for a transition to a less stressful way of life. They began following blogs, sketching layouts and making plans to downsize to a Tiny House.

Part of a growing trend, the Tiny House movement enables simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space. People tend to look to it for more time and freedom, and with environmental or financial concerns in mind.

By April, they were on the road.

In their third week of travel, the home was parked for a two-night stay in Granbury.
“Life is just a little bit different,” said Lauren, 28, from her tiny living room parked at the Iron Horse Inn last week. “We kind of have to plan things day by day.”

Their goal?

To travel around the U.S. and Canada for about six months with their two dogs, Otis and Colbie.

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Elaine Walker