05/15 Tiny house journey from Massachusetts to Hawaii

map of tiny house journey

Yes, the tiny house on wheels is about to have quite the road trip and adventure. Isn’t that the whole point of putting your house on wheels?

“We’ve gone through life feeling the burden of student loans and how trapping that can be financially,” MacLean, 24, said. “We’re very interested in not having a mortgage and owning our own home.”

What they’re also interested in, they said, is leaving the high pressure, high-speed way of life in New England behind.

They started building the floor toward the end of last year, and the walls went up earlier this year. Today, the couple are just a few weeks away from shipping their home across the country in an incomplete state — the exterior will be finished, while the interior will be a work in progress.

But that doesn’t mean the home isn’t structurally sound.

“We’ve doubled the hurricane ties on the rafters,” MacLean said.

The hurricane tie is a specific design choice, one that the couple is going overboard with as they put the structure together, according to McLeod.

The trailer will be picked up by a company and driven cross-country starting between June 10 and 15, McLeod said. It will be on the West Coast by June 28, put on a boat, and cross the Pacific Ocean en route to Hawaii, where it’ll arrive between July 12 and 18.

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Elaine Walker