05/12 Seven ways to use a tiny house (other than as a home)

tiny house from A Room of One's Own

A Room of One’s Own. Photo: Float Work

Whether you call them tiny houses or micro-homes, ultra-small dwellings continue to gain popularity. But there are still those who doubt the functionality of living an everyday life inside a teeny tiny space.

From a reading room to a meditation hub, these compact quarters show what great things can be achieved on a small scale. See, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this trend into your life, without having to actually live in a tiny home full-time.

1. A writer’s retreat

Erin Moore, a young architect, designed this tiny dwelling for her mother, Kathleen Dean Moore, who’s a writer with a passion for nature. The retreat affords the type of solitude that writing so often requires, and that view from the desk is sure to cure any writer’s block.

2. A reading room

Another for literary types, this modest structure consisting of a single room, with just enough space for a reading chair, was built and is used by architect Nicholas Hunt as a retreat from the city. “Once you’re in it,” says Hunt, “you feel outside the city.”

3. A creative studio

This backyard addition by TBD Design Studio was designed for an artistic couple who both needed space to create – a collage studio for him and a room to make ceramics for her. Perfect for other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone with the freedom to work from anywhere they choose.

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Elaine Walker