05/11 Despite unsuccessful attempt to construct tiny house community, trend growing locally

tiny house

Wind River Tiny Homes is located in Apison. Co-owner Travis Pyke built this home a few years ago.

If someone were to explore “tiny house movement” on Google trends, they would see a graph that shows an exponential increase in searches that begins around 2009; Chattanooga is no exception to this increase in interest in the tiny house lifestyle.

Wind River Tiny Homes is seeing its company grow with this movement, and Chattanooga State Community College is also taking advantage of the trend to teach their students in new, hands-on ways.

But the trend also comes with challenges and some opposition, depending on how and where the tiny homes are planned. For example, on Monday, the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission voted against a tiny home community planned for the Ooltewah area. The idea was to provide about 30 small homes at a low cost. Click here for more.

Wind River Tiny Homes
Travis Pyke and Jeremy Weaver launched Wind River Tiny Homes in 2014. And Caleb Knowles recently became the third owner of the company.

Wind River didn’t start building homes until 2015, and since this time, the company has seen large amounts of growth, especially starting in 2016.

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Elaine Walker