05/11 Bright and Airy Tiny Home Can Sleep Up to 8

the Grand Teton by Tiny Mountain Houses

the Grand Teton by Tiny Mountain Houses

Dubbed the “Grant Teton,” this 355-square-foot tiny home built by Oregon-based Tiny Mountain Houses proves just how livable a small home can really be. With two sleeping lofts and enough room to sleep between 4 and (ambitiously) 8 people, the tiny home is 28 feet long and sits on a triple-axle utility trailer. And just look at the windows: from the sleeping loft to the kitchen, this window-heavy tiny home lets in a lot of light.

It’s large by tiny home standards, with a full living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the most counter space we’ve ever seen in a micro home. There’s even a living room or office area underneath the sleeping loft, making it feasible to work or even have guests over.

The bathroom is also spacious, with a tall shower area, room for a washer and dryer, and more legroom than some Paris water closets. And even though it isn’t included in the $62,718 base price, the mobile porch attached to the tiny home is downright ingenious. Check out all the photos – http://ski.curbed.com/2016/5/11/11654924/tiny-home-houses-design-buy-new


Elaine Walker