05/09 Tiny Houses are Cute, But Can You Actually Cook a Meal in One?

tiny home of artist Michelle de la Vega

tiny home of artist Michelle de la Vega, photo by Ellie Lillstrom

…As an interior photographer, I have seen and documented a fair number of tiny homes. With each charming small space I’ve toured, I’ve become more and more curious about the practicality of daily life in these minimalist abodes. Are they really, truly livable in the long term? I’ve seen spaces that could best be likened to a children’s playhouse, with all of the amenities of a conventionally sized home adorably compounded into fewer square feet. I’ve also seen spaces that are very minimally outfitted, where the living area is as comfortable as a rustic mountain camping cabin. As an avid cook, I took note of the kitchens in these homes, and began to wonder what orchestrating a sizable meal would be like in a compact space. How would it compare to my own kitchen? What would be the trade-offs…?

Everything I needed was within my reach; each stew-making step was seamless. I didn’t waste time searching through cupboards or drawers looking for the right pot or dish or knife. The streamlined way in which the kitchen was outfitted was both functional and inspiring. After the experience, I went home and tossed out a few unnecessary items of cookware that were taking up space and clogging up my meal-making workflow. I mean, honestly, who needs three 12-inch non-stick skillets? Would I ever need to pan-fry that many things at once?

My biggest hang-up while cooking in a tiny kitchen was the lack of burner space. Rather than sautéeing the mirepoix while browning the chicken and boiling the rice all at once, like I normally would, I had to limit myself to two tasks at a time, which nearly doubled the cooking time. A personality like mine loves to multitask, so I found this to be the most noticeable drawback during the whole process.

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Elaine Walker

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