05/05 Owner of Hadley tiny house has to 24 hours to move out

Sarah Hasting's tiny house

Sarah Hasting’s tiny house. Link for video at bottom of page.

During the Hadley Town Meeting on Thursday, residents voted down an amendment to current zoning bylaws that would have allowed Sarah Hastings’ to keep a one-room house on East Street.

Hastings’ told 22News that 102 supported the bylaw and 215 were against it.

The house is less than 200 square feet, and sits on the property of another larger home. The town asked Hastings to create a new bylaw that would allow a small cottage. She explained it to 22News minutes before it was rejected.

“It just adds the category of detached apartments,” Hastings said. “So a single family owner occupied home, can either have an interior accessory apartment or a detached backyard cottage.”

Back in January, the town told Hastings if her proposal failed, she’d have to move out by May 6th. Now she has 24 hours to move out. No word yet what she plans to do.

Watch the video –


Elaine Walker