05/05 Made in Idaho: Tiny Idahomes

3 tiny houses

Tiny Idahomes

A Nampa, Idaho company is cashing in on the big trend of going small.

Jesse Collinsworth started Tiny Idahomes with his wife a little more than two years ago.

“My wife and I owned an RV, it got left in the mountains a little too long and the roof caved in from the snow load,” Collinsworth says.

When rebuilding their camper, Collinsworth says he became frustrated with the construction of the R.V., so he did some research and came up with a better way using the tiny-house model.

“We build Tiny House RV’s and with travel trailers we’re allowed to build up to 400 square feet,” he says.

The mobility sets these particular tiny homes apart. They’re Recreation Vehicle Industry Association certified.

“Our product is no different than any other camper on the road, we get inspected, we make sure they’re safe,” Collinsworth says. “We work very close with the highway department to make sure we’re legal on the trailer side of it.

Read more and watch the video – http://www.kpvi.com/community/made-in-idaho-tiny-idahomes/article_7e4dec40-12c1-11e6-9be8-df632f01f099.html


Elaine Walker