05/03 Fun new concept – AirShip Homes from Out of the Blue

AirShip tiny home

new concept AirShip tiny home

Roderick James Architects have designed over 1000 houses, cabins, tree-houses, and houseboats over the past 30 years and have wide experience of life in small spaces and where and how buildings deteriorate.

One of the problems with pre-fabricated buildings is that although they can be dismantled, the damage to the structure often makes it un-economic. Timber also degrades, and although it has many advantages, (on which we have built our reputation), the AirShip is designed to eliminate many of its drawbacks.

The Airship can be almost any length as it is a modular construction, and can be supplied either 4400mm wide, or 6000mm wide with 2 bedrooms.

The standard model is 9200mm x 4400mm wide and 3950mm high [about 30′ long x 14′ wide by 13′ high].

The AirShip Home uses high quality, heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel components which will not rust, rot, or be affected by weather. All the components of the robust frame can be carried by two people so the AirShip can be constructed anywhere, regardless of road access. The AirShip can also be dismantled and moved to an alternative location if circumstances change.

The AirShip is lightweight (weighing about 3.5 tons) and depending on ground conditions can simply rest on four concrete paving slabs, sunk into the ground. It is wholly recyclable and manufactured by Syspal Ltd.

The frame has been engineered by world class structural engineers, Atelier 1, and incorporates several thousand specially manufactured components designed for rapid, strong assembly…

AirShip Homes are being marketed on a shared ownership basis in conjunction with Out of the Blue Ltd.

Outright purchase is also possible and indicative pricing is being confirmed but is likely to be in the order of £100k for the high performance, long lasting, de-mountable, insulated shell structure, with selected fittings.

Additional options, fittings and finishes will then be available from Out of the Blue Ltd, or for self assembly.

Please note this information is provided in good faith but since AirShip Homes are still under development it should be regarded as a draft indication of intentions, and could be subject to change.

Read more –http://outoftheblue.uk.com/new-page/


Elaine Walker