04/30 From Australia, a tiny house with demountable deck, retractable bed and lots of storage

tiny house in Australia

from the Tiny House Company in Queensland, Australia

Making the most out of our 18 square metres of floor area has relied on two key strategies and a whole lot of careful detail decisions.

Continuous sight lines through the length and width of the house help to provide a spacious feel. Combined with operable windows, they also allow very effective cross-ventilation of the house. As an added bonus, correctly ventilated tiny houses can be passively heated and cooled in an instant…

Put simply, when width is limited it can help to accentuate the height. While some tiny houses place a generous loft space above a low-ceiling wet area, we opted for the extra head height in the bathroom and laundry – two spaces that we believe are used too frequently to skimp on…

Our modular, demountable deck almost doubles the floor area of the house. Its detailing and finish match the interior space and each modular bay lines up with the internal rhythm of portal frames, cabinets and windows. Despite the ease with which it can be detached, it reads as an integral part of the tiny house.

Adjustable legs and bolt-on construction methods provide flexibility while maintaining a ‘permanent’ aesthetic.

For the off-grid enthusiasts, the deck roof almost doubles the rainwater catchment area and provides an ideal North-facing location for solar panels.

How do you deal with every function of a house competing for 18 square metres of floor space? By combining two spaces into one. Not a fan of pokey loft beds? Our retractable bed has 3m of headroom by night and floats over a 2.4m lounge space by day. Controlled wirelessly by remote, this bed needs no folding, no packing away…you don’t even have to make the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

The bed and lounge seating work in unison. As the bed lowers onto the cushions it slips past the backrest which becomes a padded headboard when fully lowered. Cushions, pictures and wall-mounted screens can all remain in place. All that’s required is the push of a button.

Too often storage is left out of modern compact spaces. We consider it to be crucial to making a space truly liveable. We have a 6 square metre loft space for bulky items, cabinets running down both sides of the house, and a lounge/bed area full of hidden storage.
There’s 600mm deep storage running the full height of the end wall and each of the four couch units is a freestanding storage unit with hinged lid that can be arranged in several ways.

Read more – http://www.tinyhousecompany.com.au/tiny-house/


Elaine Walker