04/27 Young couple goes Dutch with $28k tiny house build

Martijn and Irene 's 161 sq ft tiny house in the Netherlands

Martijn and Irene ‘s 161 sq ft tiny house in the Netherlands

Deciding that standard domestic life and its trappings wasn’t for them, Dutch couple Martijn and Irene ditched their careers for seasonal work that left them more time to travel the world. Next, with the wanderlust bug well and truly caught, the pair set upon building an off-grid towable tiny house from scratch over their winter break for just €25,000 (about US$28,270).

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the tiny house movement is that anyone who’s able-bodied and has some savings and spare time can jump in, as evidenced by Martijn and Irene’s story.

The pair lived in a caravan but were inspired by an article on tiny houses and decided to make their own last winter (northern hemisphere), building it with help from friends. Though the total cost of building it seems very reasonable indeed, Irene told us that they didn’t buy everything new and spent four months working seven days a week on the project.

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Elaine Walker