04/25 French “Tinystream” pays homage to the vintage Airstream trailer

Interior of La Tiny House

Interior of La Tiny House

For the last few years, most of the tiny homes we hear about are based in North America — at least the ones with the recognizable “tiny house on wheels” aesthetic. But the tiny house movement does appear to be catching on elsewhere, even in places in Europe such as Austria and France — places where people are already familiar with smaller living spaces.

French builder La Tiny House is one of these European tiny house pioneers, having started a couple of years ago and completing about 15 small dwellings since. We’re taking a look at one of their latest designs that they are dubbing the Tinystream — the designers say it’s a reference to vintage Airstream trailers…

In France one has to deal with a maximum allowable weight of 3.5 metric tons (7,700 pounds), compared to the American standard of around 10,000 pounds. But there’s a silver lining: it means that French builders need to be a bit more innovative in finding ways to shed weight. For instance, the company will work with local boat trailer builders to get a lighter trailer custom-built, and will attach their homes onto this “bed trailer” with clamps, so as to make them demountable in order to comply with requirements. It also means that La Tiny House’s structures can be towed by smaller vehicles, compared to the US — an advantage as there are so many old bridges and narrower roadways here.

The Tinystream features wood and lightweight aluminum cladding on the outside, with a distinct, split-curved roof that gives the house a more aerodynamic form.

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Elaine Walker