04/23 The Tiny House Craze is Taking Over

interior of a tiny houseApparently, many home-owners – old and new – are shedding traditional lifestyles in pursuit of living a simpler life in a tiny house.

Now, tiny doesn’t mean your average “tiny” apartment in a big city. It is way less space than that. In fact, the average tiny house is only 186 square feet with the smallest being 100 sq. ft. and the largest usually being only 400 sq. ft!

Why would anyone want to live in such a small house you ask?

Here is the voice of one young woman who recently chose to leave her 2-bedoom apartment and buy a tiny house to live in with a budget of $45,000.

“After traveling, I can really appreciate less space. I want a simple life. Growing up in a 6,000 square foot house, I am very appreciative for how I grew up, but I want to do something different.” -Whitney, 25

If you’re contemplating where you stand on the matter, here are a few similarities all tiny-house dwellers have in common:

1. They want to live a simpler life.

There is no doubt about it that if you’re living in a tiny house, you are living simply. There’s simply no space for added luxuries or extravagant features.

2. They want to save money — not throw it all into a house.

Many tiny-house dwellers argue that mortgages are basically scams and just too expensive. Living in a tiny house allows one to significantly reduce their cost of living. In fact, more than two-thirds of tiny-house owners are mortgage free, and their utility bills are usually well under $100! The average price to build a tiny house is only $23,000 but can certainly be much less or even more depending on lots of different factors.


Elaine Walker